About Me

A little backstory on me…

My name is Kari.

I’m a freelance writer, stay at home mom to two kids (N is 7 and a boy, E is 4 and a girl), one husband whom I’ve been with since high school (aww) and a sweet rescue pup.

I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain… I’m not into making love at midnight though because it gets in the way of sleep, and honestly nothing good comes from being conscious at that hour. I’m more of a morning person (with the help of coffee) and less of a night owl. My husband is the exact opposite, which makes for an interesting pairing. 

I love to cook and bake when I have the time but not in some fancy, foodie way. I was lucky enough to learn from my Grandmother when I was growing up and I have some great memories from spending that time with her. I love to eat with very little discrimination in this category. Except for things that were previously living because I believe in the whole “do unto others as you’d like done to you” mantra and I don’t want to be eaten. It’s basic logic. The rest of my household is full of carnivores.

I’m a big fan of reading books. Liane Moriarty is currently my favorite author but I’ll read almost anything. I occasionally run – nothing too crazy though. I don’t have the desire to do races or anything extreme. Just running for fun in the hot, hot sun. (HELP! I can’t stop quoting children’s books. It’s what being a parent does to your brain.) And last, but certainly not least, I enjoy drinking wine. A perfectly chilled riesling is the best way to unwind.  


Okay, I feel like we’ve been properly acquainted.