Mother’s Day: Yep, it’s time again

Mother’s Day is approaching. Cue the jaws music – duuuun dun duuun dun.

I don’t know the exact date? The commercials have been popping up with suggestions on how to, “show mom you really love her this Mother’s Day.” About those suggestions…they all suck.

Yes, you read that right. S-U-C-K.

I don’t want a chocolate diamond. Though I’d never say no to 78% cacao dark chocolate. It’s delicious.

I don’t want a floral scarf. Infinity or otherwise. I’m convinced they’ll be going out of style soon anyway.

I don’t want a fruit basket, or an edible arrangement. I can’t consume fruit that fast and honestly it’s too much pressure to put on me.

I don’t want a vacuum, even if it is a shiny purple Dyson. Or any other appliance that you may have recently heard me saying I need.

I don’t want bad perfume. For obvious reasons.

I don’t want a Nicholas Sparks book. Actually, never mind. I might want one of those.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for my kids being able to celebrate the day with me. I’m not some ungrateful, unappreciative, and bitter shrew. I love that celebrating ME makes my kids so excited. I appreciate that fact more than any store bought item.

I love the thought of my kids selecting a silly or heartfelt card or even making one to give to me. Their little faces as they hand over the card that they have chosen or scribbled so lovingly on, is enough for me. 

What I don’t want, besides everything listed above, is for my husband to feel pressure to buy me something to show HIS appreciation. I am not his mother and he is awful at gift buying which just makes the experience painful. I also don’t want my kids feeling like every celebration must come with extravagance attached to it.

Instead, I’d prefer this:

A large cup of my favorite coffee from my favorite coffee place. Delivered to me, of course.

Donuts because they’re delicious and calories don’t count on days meant to celebrate mothers.

Time to take a long shower with relaxing music playing in the background versus the usual sound of screaming children.

More time to just play with my kids outside, without having to acknowledge chores of any kind that need my attention.

Lunch at my favorite place with my favorite people. Lots of laughter.

Ice cream because again, calories don’t factor today.

Even more time to sit outside and read a book without feeling like there is anything or anyone else that needs my immediate attention.

Dinner that I make, because I actually enjoy cooking. My husband can clean all the dishes though, this is Mother’s Day after all.

Bedtime for the kids. My husband does all the heavy lifting and I pop in for kisses and hugs.

And finally, more time to just relax with my husband before Monday comes and the avalanche of chores and responsibilities tumble back out of the closet that I shoved them in while celebrating Mother’s Day.