Mom, what is the rarest gem of all?

“Mom, what’s the rarest gem of all?”

The rarest gem of all?

Um…they’re all special in their own way. Like snowflakes.

Fine, my completely uneducated guess would be a diamond.

This “gem” came to my son during the twilight hours when he should have been winding down for sleep. Instead, every night he decides this is his favorite time to discuss the events of the day and how we’ll go about achieving world peace. Seriously?! Go to bed! How can you NOT be tired?! You’re NEVER tired! It’s like being tired would force him to admit some kind of human weakness. If only I could impart the knowledge to him that sleep would allow all of us to win. Sweet victory for everyone. World peace starts at home. Everyone knows this.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the rarest gem of all?

Well…it appears there are two different ways of looking at this question. I had no idea…thank you mirror for sending me on this special journey. I’m a big fan of questions that beget more questions. I’ve always liked extra credit too.

So, the first category seems to be the gemstone that is the rarest because of it’s size, color, value, etc. and I totally get partial credit for knowing this one. Although, maybe I had an unfair advantage given that diamonds are supposed to be a girls’ best friend. Whatever. I’m taking the credit.

My internet sources indicate that the rarest individual gemstone is the 59.6 carat pink star diamond. Just wow. 


Gemmin’ outta control

It was mined in South Africa and it’s value is a perfectly reasonable 72 million dollars. That’s a lot of dollars…and carats! Unless you just won the most recent Powerball and then it just makes good business sense to go ahead and invest.

You’ll have to wait for pink star diamond 2.0 though because this one already sold at auction for an astounding 83 million. I don’t know who’s advising them but I think they may have overpaid…don’t let this happen to you. For the love of God, go hire the best advisers. You just won the Powerball, you can afford it.

Warning! Extra Credit….

The second category is the gemstone that is the rarest because it is seldom found in nature. The answer to this question was as hard to find as the gemstones themselves. Ugh. So I just chose the gemstone that was, at one time, the rarest.

Painite. It’s ugly in it’s raw form.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

When it’s faceted though I would totally use any Powerball winnings I had to adorn myself with one of these.


All pretty and ready to adorn someone very rich.

At one time there were only two of these gems known to be in existence in the world. In 2005 The Guinness Book of World records had listed it as the rarest gem on earth. Since then more have been mined but it still remains one of the rarest gems.

And for those of you who are like, “faceted”? Why’d she go and get all fancy?! I know…I know…but I had to. It means the gem is cut in order to improve it’s appearance.

Yes, I had to look that up. If you’ve just learned a new word today. You’re welcome.

Some other gems that seem to rank high in the “hard to find like a magical unicorn” category, include: red beryl, muscravite, and benitoite.

I’m not sure who was in charge of coming up with these names but they sound like types of rare diseases. Lets just have a little reminder here to make better choices when you’re naming your kid. Something that is also precious and rare that you wouldn’t want to sound like a disease.

Okay. I feel like we’re in a good spot with our knowledge of gemstones at this point. Hopefully you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation for what my son will pull out of his brain next. It’s both exciting and also a little terrifying. Much like the decision to actually have a child in the first place. And just look how that turned out.